Commercial Property

Image credit: Olu Eletu

Last year saw a significant increase in commercial property deals and this has continued into 2018.

Thus far we have completed over 12 commercial leasing transactions acting for both landlord and tenants with a wide range of rents from £12,000 to £150,000 per annum.

While there has been a shortage of commercial property to buy we also completed 3 significant commercial purchases including an industrial estate and a sizeable land purchase with lease back to a blue chip tenant.

Conveyancing Surprise! Your title is registered!

Image credit: Daniela Cuevas

The Scottish Government has optimistically set a target to complete the Land Register or computerised database of title deeds. If you have not moved house since 1990 the chances are you title would be still shown on the Register of Deeds or Sasines as it is known.

The Keeper of the Register of Sasines has been using new powers to convert your title without your knowledge to the new computerised Land Register. Therefore you may think you hold your titles deeds in your safe at home or at your bank or solicitors office but there is now a chance that these are purely of historical interest and your title is now a computerised title sheet held on line which your lawyer can access on a sale. The new Land Registration Act does not require you to be notified.

Wills and Executries

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Due to now outdated legal practices, many Title Deeds in Scotland have been drafted in a way that can lead to unnecessary liability to Inheritance Tax and nursing home fees. Orme Law can offer clients a title check on their property, provide advice on appropriate action and an estimate of the cost of any documentation required to resolve any resulting issues.